The year ahead: PIG, RAT, OX, TIGER

pig_rat_ox_tigerChinese New Year Forecasts

What is in store for you in the year of the Pig?

The year of the Pig begins on Tuesday 5 Feb. The Chinese Lunar New Year indicates changes in the presiding powers, and the luck of people born under the 12 zodiac signs (animals).

RED DOOR has summarized the predictions of various experts, and with a RED DOOR reflection approach highlights psychological processes and questions which should prepare you for the prediction outlined for your sign. The zodiac character symbols included here are from upcoming cartoon series HOROSCOPE HIGH featuring the cartoon artistry of HK artist Justin Tan. Below are the predictions for the PIG, the Rat, the Ox, and the Tiger. 


This year for those born under the sign of the PIG.

pigTypically, as your sign ascends in power you will face a number of personal challenges. Whilst it could be perceived that this may be an unlucky year, a different perspective filter could be applied. Rather see this year as providing opportunity for review, reframing, and reshaping of your future.

Wealth this year will be hard to come by, and expect to have to work quite hard for your salary. Career trajectory may be stiffed this

year, expect to stay put without progress. Your romantic relationships will also experience change, although for those who are single this may mean that you start a new relationship. Personal relationships will also be challenging this year and Pig decedents may find themselves tormented by disputes, conflict and gossip. Watch your health.

RED DOOR Reflection: This year will be bursting with lessons to be learnt, are you open to learning new things about yourself, your friends and your life journey?


This year for those born under the sign of the RAT.

ratThe year of the Pig attracts an abundance of episodes of luck for those born under the sign of the Rat. Wealth this year will be hard to come by, and expect to have to work quite hard for your salary. That said, if you are an entrepreneur or paid-by-the-piece you will reap well from your hard work. Career wise you may also find yourself receiving positive attention and recognition, as people around you are more likely to sing your praises and see you in a favourable light.

Rats will attract love, both inside and outside of relationships. Extra marital affairs are a risk, so be careful to keep your ego in check.  Your health will generally be good.

RED DOOR Reflection: Can you get too much of a good thing? If you find that you are the centre of attention from others how do you respond, and can you keep your ego under control?


This year for those born under the sign of the OX.

Overall a more luckier year than last year for those born under the sign of the Ox. Career and money luck will come from your own efforts, rather than your relationship with others. You are expected to oxmake money and achieve a promotion. Rather neutral love luck this year, stable relationships will remain stable, but those looking for new love may find they need to wait. Having come of out of challenging year provided by the Dog, this year will feel better in terms of conflicts and disputes with family and friends, simply by the year being more neutral than negative. Health wise watch what you eat, especially around the beginning of the new year when there is a temptation to overindulge.

RED DOOR Reflection: Did you see last year as lucky or unlucky? Since your luck is scheduled to improve this year, ask yourself what would you do if you knew you could not fail?  


This year for those born under the sign of the TIGER.

tigerThe year of the Pig attracts an abundance of episodes of luck for those born with the eye of the Tiger. Wealth and Career advancement are contingent on your efforts. If you put some effort into getting activities started you will find you can eventually go with the flow of the good energy you have created at the outset. You will be lucky if you work hard.

Tigers should have stable relationships this year both in matters of love, and with family and friends. Others will be willing to support you, and you are seen as an attractive mate this year. If you have been prone to injuries of the foot, hip or legs, take extra care of these body parts this year.

RED DOOR Reflection: It seems from the prediction that those who provide strong energy to start projects will be rewarded. Do you consider yourself a strong starter of projects? How would you describe your levels of motivation?


Good luck for the year ahead. Our next blog will feature the forecasts for the next four zodiac signs. the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake and the Horse.

If you would like more information about RED DOOR or the art of Justin Tan please contact

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