This is what Angela’s previous clients have to say about their experience

“As a single mother of a young child, I sought Angela’s help to deal with a difficult relationship with the father. I found I was becoming increasing overwhelmed.”

“Angela helped to retrain my thought process and helped making big decisions more manageable so they no longer felt colossal. That ended the emotional snowball experience.”

“Angela helped address some of my relationships from the past so that I became more aware of how they affect my relationships now. She gave me the tools to stop repeating choices that were not benefiting me.She also helped me explore areas of personal growth which helped re-establish my confidence again.”

“Angela’s personal and down to earth nature makes her very easy to open up to. She has fantastic knowledge and skills to guide you through issues. Her sense of humour is a light relief and reassuring – I found it stabilized me after revisiting painful memories. It felt extremely cathartric to have a belly laugh during therapy.”

“Angela played a crucial role in helping me find different ways to navigate through the difficulties of negotiating visitation and access to my daughter for her fathers. She has a pleasant way to challenge the way you address issues, in a consultative manner which resulted in more diverse problem solving process for us. Her straight forward approach was a style that suited me. As a result I was able to identify what really mattered and pick my battles more wisely. Thank you Angela for your advise and continued support.”