Social skills for teenagers.


SUMMER CAMP for Teens June – August 2018

Starting 29 June 2018. Will run on Wednesday afternoons. SEN Teens 15-19.

Limited places. You can select one ore as many of the activities as you prefer.

Teaching teens with special educational needs the essential social skills that they need to thrive as young adults can be created in a fun way through shared activities. Particular activities allow teens to find common ground to share as well as build their personal confidence. Each session will involve an activity and sharing a meal together to fully facilitate the social skills training agenda.

Activities being planned include Pool games, rock climbing, ice skating, Italian cooking class, Island hoping adventure,wildlife hike, and game day. Each activity has as separate cost of participation depending on the requirements of that activity. For more information contact Angela at


TEEN TIME – June 2018 ongoing. 

Starting June 23 – over the summer and afterwards

SEN Teens 15-20

Building on the back of our successful boys and girls social groups that we already run on Saturdays, we will now be offering a separate teen only group for SEN teens. As with our other social skills programmes there will be a generous counsellor/teacher to child ratio and a social skills skilled teen to model appropriate behaviour.

The course is highly customised towards the needs of the participant of the group. Topics could include conversation skills, cooperative discussions, making and maintaining friendships, self-regulation, empathy , conflict resolution, self care and independence training

For more information contact Angela at