Good luck in the Year of the Rat

year of rat2

This year is not only a special calendar new year, the beginning of a new decade, but it is also the beginning of a new cycle of the Chinese New Year. In the legend of the great race, the Rat, was the winner, earning the place as the namesake of the first year in the Chinese Zodiac.

At RED DOOR we have consulted with various local fortune tellers to highlight what they have outlined as potential forecasts for various horoscope characters in the year of the Rat (beginning Saturday 25 Jan 2020). Since we are counsellors and psychologists we not only tell you what they say, but add some psychological reflections that you might undertake so that you are best prepared for changes coming your way.

Note: the artwork included with our horoscopes is by local artist Justin Tan, an amazing cartoonist.


If you are a RAT.

ratForecast for the Rat in the year of the Rat.

Rats are quick to make the most of any opportunity and quick to respond to changes in situations. As such they can spot a good deal, and this year, the Rat is scheduled to have good luck in finance. Traditionally, in one’s namesake year, you are expected to experience significant growth, and as such the years can be perceived as negative. This is a matter of perception. Change is coming. You may have to face up to some of the consequences of your weaknesses this year. So be ready.

Additionally this is a good year to remind yourself of your strengths and how you can count on them to capitalise on new opportunities, as well as navigate challenges. A year of personal growth is ahead. Our advice for this year – Address any cognitive filter habits you may hold, especially if you tend to catastrophise. The following article might help

Forecasts suggest travel is ahead of you this year. You may have good relationships with friends and family this year. If you are currently unhappy with your job, this is the year you can jump ship with some support. Good luck.


Forecasts for Ox in the Year of the Rat. 

oxOx persons are strong willed, thoughtful, private and driven. This is a year where your diligence will be of benefit to you. Work hard and money should come your way easier than it did last year. Your hard work will be noticed and as a consequence you will find it easy to win the trust of others, especially powerful figures who can help and support your career development. Once you’ve earned your cash, be careful with it. This year is a year for cautious investment for the Ox.

Other people may let you down. They may be more fickle than you expect. This can always be a disappointment in life. How will you cope with others not living up to your expectations? This might be family or friends.  We recommend that you build a network so that you have a range of people that you can count on, so if someone lets you down, you have ample resources to count on. When we face disappointments we need to be resilient. If you want to find out if you are resilient, or need to work more on your ability to bounce back, we recommend you take our test – the resiliency check up.


Forecasts for Tiger in the Year of the Rat.

tigerTigers command respect and seem brave. They are innovators because of their creative and inventive minds. However they can also be reckless if they  do not plan accordingly or fail to think about the consequences of some of their actions. In a Rat year, Tigers are advised to take a measured approach to life – in love, in their career, with money and in their family relationships. Be focused and plan activities as much as you can, this way your efforts will be more directed, and less haphazard, than your usual style. This will be of benefit to you this year.

Educational pursuits are encouraged this year. This is a great year to learn something new,  and expand your skills. If you are not already engaged in study, is there a topic you might like to undertake. If you want an easy, and fairly cheap, way to expand your skill base you might like to consider programmes offered at

There are some emotional vulnerabilities that you may face this year, in particular sadness and loneliness, even though this year may also be a good year to build your social network. Feelings of sadness are not only about the amount of friends you have. Monitor your mood and consider help if you feel stuck in a low mood for more than a few weeks.

Since this week is about being prepared we recommend that you consider the factors that are going to be important in the development of success. Please see our blog about planning for a successful future in the world of work.