Good luck in the Year of the Rat

year of rat2

This year is not only a special calendar new year, the beginning of a new decade, but it is also the beginning of a new cycle of the Chinese New Year. In the legend of the great race, the Rat, was the winner, earning the place as the namesake of the first year in the Chinese Zodiac.

At RED DOOR we have consulted with various local fortune tellers to highlight what they have outlined as potential forecasts for various horoscope characters in the year of the Rat (beginning Saturday 25 Jan 2020). Since we are counsellors and psychologists we not only tell you what they say, but add some psychological reflections that you might undertake so that you are best prepared for changes coming your way.

Note: the artwork included with our horoscopes is by local artist Justin Tan, an amazing 16 year old cartoonist.


ratForecast for the Rat in the year of the Rat.

Rats are quick to make the most of any opportunity and quick to respond to changes in situations. As such they can spot a good deal, and this year, the Rat is scheduled to have good luck in finance. Traditionally, in one’s namesake year, you are expected to experience significant growth, and as such the years can be perceived as negative. This is a matter of perception. Change is coming. You may have to face up to some of the consequences of your weaknesses this year. So be ready.

Additionally this is a good year to remind yourself of your strengths and how you can count on them to capitalise on new opportunities, as well as navigate challenges. A year of personal growth is ahead. Our advice for this year – Address any cognitive filter habits you may hold, especially if you tend to catastrophise. The following article might help

Forecasts suggest travel is ahead of you this year. You may have good relationships with friends and family this year. If you are currently unhappy with your job, this is the year you can jump ship with some support. Good luck.


Forecasts for Ox in the Year of the Rat. 

oxOx persons are strong willed, thoughtful, private and driven. This is a year where your diligence will be of benefit to you. Work hard and money should come your way easier than it did last year. Your hard work will be noticed and as a consequence you will find it easy to win the trust of others, especially powerful figures who can help and support your career development. Once you’ve earned your cash, be careful with it. This year is a year for cautious investment for the Ox.

Other people may let you down. They may be more fickle than you expect. This can always be a disappointment in life. How will you cope with others not living up to your expectations? This might be family or friends.  We recommend that you build a network so that you have a range of people that you can count on, so if someone lets you down, you have ample resources to count on. When we face disappointments we need to be resilient. If you want to find out if you are resilient, or need to work more on your ability to bounce back, we recommend you take our test – the resiliency check up.


Forecasts for Tiger in the Year of the Rat.

tigerTigers command respect and seem brave. They are innovators because of their creative and inventive minds. However they can also be reckless if they  do not plan accordingly or fail to think about the consequences of some of their actions. In a Rat year, Tigers are advised to take a measured approach to life – in love, in their career, with money and in their family relationships. Be focused and plan activities as much as you can, this way your efforts will be more directed, and less haphazard, than your usual style. This will be of benefit to you this year.

Educational pursuits are encouraged this year. This is a great year to learn something new,  and expand your skills. If you are not already engaged in study, is there a topic you might like to undertake. If you want an easy, and fairly cheap, way to expand your skill base you might like to consider programmes offered at

There are some emotional vulnerabilities that you may face this year, in particular sadness and loneliness, even though this year may also be a good year to build your social network. Feelings of sadness are not only about the amount of friends you have. Monitor your mood and consider help if you feel stuck in a low mood for more than a few weeks.

Since this week is about being prepared we recommend that you consider the factors that are going to be important in the development of success. Please see our blog about planning for a successful future in the world of work.


Forecasts for Rabbit in the Year of the Rat.

rabbitRabbits are sociable animals and relate well to others. They strive to achieve a settled, secure lifestyle. Often well read, Rabbits pride themselves on being well informed and mastering details. Usually smart with money and stylish, Rabbits have good instincts. The year of the Rat brings a lot of external change into the life of the Rabbit. The anxious Rabbit may feel uneasy in reaction to lots of change. Remember little bunny, sometimes disruption provides opportunity. That said, handle financial transactions with care. Stay close to friends and family that you trust, and watch your temper. These are the people who stand up for you when others gossip. Powerful women may lend you help this year. Additionally, there are lucky stars in the areas of romance, and single rabbits may receive marriage proposals.

How do you deal with change? Can you keep your anxiety under control? List down those things that help you manage your anxiety when it gets the best of you, and make sure that you have access to those resources at the drop of a hat. Can you see and seize opportunity when its presented?


Forecasts for Dragon in the Year of the Rat.

dragonThe Dragon is known for his/her magnetic charisma. Dragons like to be active, have a wide range of interests and take the lead. As such the Dragon can appear a little overwhelming to others on occasion. The year of the Rat offers opportunity to stay on good terms with other people. Just be mindful that your energy can also create conflicts. This is a big year for the Dragon socially with lots of opportunities for significant social and career events. Lively times are ahead this year. For the single Dragon, opportunities for new romances appear this year. You may have minor accidents or conflicts due to minor acts of carelessness, take care driving, cleaning up, and focus on activities you might often do mindlessly.

Have you ever considered mindfulness training? This year may be the year for you to take some care to smell the roses, even why you build an expansive garden.


Forecasts for Snake in the Year of the Rat.

snakeSnakes are great thinkers, exceptionally perceptive with an engaging sense of humour. Capable of original ideas and taste, their homes are a reflection of their strong personal style. Family is extremely important and the Snake will strike at anyone he/she perceives as a potential challenge to her/his nest. Snakes will feel energised at the beginning of the Chinese New Year of the Rat. Take advantage of this surge of energy to pursue show off your talents and make money. Careful with spending and investments this year. Pursue further education or new ways to express yourself.

What does your personal style say about you, or would you like it say about you? Is there a discrepancy between the look and the reality?


Forecasts for Horse in the Year of the Rat.

horseThe Horse character is an exuberant and stylish beast. They are articulate and skilful and relate well to others. At the same time Horses can also be stubborn and rebuff advice from others a little too forcefully. The horse can benefit from developing better listening skills.

Like their animal counterparts the horse can be skittish and nervous. The year of the Rat brings change and volatility so the horse may find themselves overwhelmed and even depressed. This is a year for focus and planning for the horse. Once they have trained themselves to focus, they can perform exceptionally well. The horse tends to have a wide range so interests and can be a little restless trotting from one thing to another. As such they can get sucked into multitasking, particularly with technology. The horse benefits from consistency and focus. Avoiding distractions, setting priorities are essential to success for the horse, in this year and always. Don’t be scared of failure, everyone stumbles sometimes. If you want to soar, you have to be prepared to let your feet leave the ground. And this year, make sure you take those lovely legs out for some exercise. This is no time to be sedentary.

Love wise the Year of a Rat provides some opportunities for romance. Financially the Horse can make money from a side hustle, especially something entrepreneurial. But be cautious to have your insurance and paperwork sorted. Also watch your money, save rather than spend.

Your goal this year will be consistency of effort and emotion. Monitor your energy and emotions. Try different activities such as mindful colouring, exercise, dance, hiking and see how these activities influence your ability to regulate your emotional state and work.


Forecasts for Goat in the Year of the Rat.

sheepThe year of the Rat can be a challenging one for those born under the sign of the Goat. But like your surefooted animal character, there are many paths to the top of the mountain and the Goat is adept at navigating challenging situations. Goats can usually make the most of any circumstance. Especially if you are determined and put in a concerted effort. No challenge can withstand sustained effort.

An exceptionally imaginative and creative being, the Goat love details and beautiful items. As such they like to collect mementos. Be careful to keep your home and office organised, and not strangled with your copious “essentials”. Invest in your creativity, it might bring financial opportunities.

Socially the year head provides ample opportunities to spend time with friends and family. Warm hearted and friendly, the goat can also be timid, secretive, and conflict avoidant. This is a year to keep your trusted friends close to hand.

Do you consider yourself organised and determined? What tools do you use to help you stay on track, and on task?


Forecasts for Monkey in the Year of the Rat.

monkeyMonkeys are lively, curious and creative creatures. The volatility inherent within the year of Rat is a good match to the versatility of the Monkey. Cleaver and resourceful Monkeys are adept at grabbing opportunities but sometimes climbing a little too far, too fast. A fruit in the hand is worth eating before you climb out on a limb to attempt to get two and the end of a precarious branch. This year, write a plan and be careful with outgoings. With purpose and consistent action, you could achieve a lot this year. It’s not in your nature, but try to be realistic. Don’t push your luck.

Socially this will be a good year. Last year the Monkey may have struggled to build a good reputation. This year other people will feel inclined to go out of their way to help you, and you will experience reputational gains. The world loves a trier. Take advantage of your talents and charm to keep your friends close and mend bridges if you’ve burnt them. Give friends the benefit of your inventive problem-solving skills – share the wealth of ideas that can generate and you should be repaid with solid finances in reward.

There are many social opportunities this year. In years of social abundance, you may need to consider which activities really benefit you. You want to be able to maintain consistency, so don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Do you like to come up with new ideas, or start new projects? How many of these do you finish. This year let your goal to only start challenges that you are determined to work on consistently until the end.


Forecasts for Rooster in the Year of the Rat.

roosterCock-a-doodle-do, there’s so much to do. The Rooster can find a lot to crow about in the year of the Rat. The Rat year can be a demanding one for the Rooster but the fine feathered can rise to the occasion. You will be able to assume more authority this year, especially with help from powerful others. This is a year to work hard. Resilience and persistence are important, in order to make the most of opportunities. Office politics can be a cause of struggle.

Your personal life may also include potential arguments, although your love luck is good this year and in general close relationships should be better this year.

Roosters represent reliability, trustworthiness, strength, authority and courage. They like fine things and like to impress others, especially with their image. Articulate and no nonsense, the Rooster lives by high standards. This can be a little overwhelming for those around them. The Rooster will tell you if you are not measuring up to their expectations personally or professionally.

This is a year for discipline. Opportunity awaits if you can refine your time and your interactions. Don’t be overzealous with money, time or people’s emotions, and you will have no shortage of friends, admirers and cheerleaders.

Challenge your perspectives this year in order to see situations from the orientation of others, so that you remain able to best turn opportunities into success.


Forecasts for Dog in the Year of the Rat.

dogPeople born in the year of the Dog are loyal, protective, reliable, trustworthy and take their relationships with others seriously. They are devoted to family and friends and are good at building a network. This year your reputation will be solid, and you will be able to capitalise on situations to turn them into personal opportunities to benefit you. Therefore engage in a plethora of activities. When it comes to investment dabble if you like, but only with money you can afford to lose.

Dogs can be worriers, prone to pessimism and outraged by injustice. If you are a worrier, talk to someone. Access to professional training will only make you better at your job. This is year to build the foundation for some big years ahead so regroup yourself, try some new things, tidy your home, and most of all, take care of yourself.

The Dog character has strong leadership potential and are caring towards others in their teams. Networking will be an essential ingredient of your success this year. Whilst you like to be acknowledged for your skills and efforts, and if you have a flexible mindset this year, you should achieve great things.


Forecasts for Pig in the Year of the Rat.

pigThe Pig is a kind natured character who is honest and sociable. They love to be in love and make friends and are usually successful in these arenas. The They are skilled diplomats and great at completing projects. As such they are often popular employees as they get the job done. The combination of hard work, reliability, persistence and good sense make them invaluable team members. Pig persons flourish in work environments where they need to work with others to get tasks done.

That said they have to be careful of the vulnerabilities attached to their good natures. They can over empathise with others and their trust in others can occasionally be misplaced. They can take their commitments to people too seriously and, in their desire to be charitable, stretch their own resources too thin. Do you sometimes trust too much, or trust the wrong people? Spend some time thinking about who delivers support to you, not just who needs your support.

The Year of the Rat brings consistent volatility, and this can be upsetting to the Pig, but remember your unique skill to get a job done. Build the resources you need to keep yourself focused on the long-term plans for yourself and your company and you will be rewarded.