Catherine Muir

Catherine Muir
Qualified Counsellor, Performance Coach, Resilience trainer

Catherine holds a Masters in Counselling from Monash University in Australia. Catherine is also a qualified Performance Coach over 5 years of experience coaching adults and adolescents, including those with special educational needs such as autism. Cathy is extremely experienced with teens, and has a long background of teaching, educating, and coaching teens in Hong Kong.

Cathy works with both adolescents and adults suffering from a variety of psychological issues, including depression, autism, anxiety, bereavement and attention deficits. Catherine is passionate about empowering adolescents and adults on their journey towards achieving their full potential.

Catherine uses systemic, person centered, solution focused, and cognitive therapy to empower clients to find solutions that can be applied in their personal and professional life.

At RED DOOR Cathy sees clients on a 1-2-1 basis as well as runs our courses on resiliency.

Cathy’s recent clients have said the following about their experience of her as a therapist:

“Sitting talking with Cathy is comforting, there is no judgement and huge amounts of kindness. Consequently, I felt comfortable sharing elements of my past which I have kept secret. Cathy helped me work my own way out of distress. All the time I felt she was beside me and engaged and supportive, and it gave me the confidence to regain some control back over my life.”