Introducing the Couples Connection

Relationship issues are one of the most common causes of personal emotional distress that challenge our mental health.

Maintaining a healthy and satisfying relationship is not always smooth sailing. Building a better understanding of why difficulties arise, and what can be done about them, is extremely useful.

RED DOOR Counselling will be offering a six-week programme to couples to better understand themselves and their personal contribution to their relationship dynamics. Our lead counsellor Angela Watkins, together with our talented counsellors-in-training, will lead 6 workshops, individual and couples therapy sessions dedicated to improving relationships.

Our counsellors offer guidance and support to empower couples and to find a resolution to relationship roadblocks, which can be an extremely helpful and healing process.

This course will offer participants topic workshops, 3-4 private couples counselling sessions, and 1-2 individual counselling sessions. 

The workshops will cover the following essential areas often addressed in couples counselling – the health status of your relationship, establishing better communication capabilities, dealing with conflict and disputes, attachment and family of origin components, repairing injury in a relationship and building and maintaining intimacy.

Who is eligible to participate? Any committed couple can enrol. If you have been in a serious relationship for at least a year, and are both in Hong Kong for the majority of the course duration (early Jan to end Feb), then you are eligible to join.

This course will be part of the training for our counsellors-in-training. As such we are offering the course at a particularly attractive fee of HKD5000 per couple (for 6 workshops, 2 individual counselling sessions and 4 couples’ sessions). For comparison, if you paid a counsellor directly for the same sessions/content, it would cost closer to 25-30,000HKD. This is a smart investment in the future of your relationship.

To ensure a high quality experience, spaces are limited to 8 couples in total. If you are interested to register or learn more, please let us know before 14 December 2021 via email to Couples will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.


Workshop dates

Jan 8, Jan 15,, Jan 22, Feb 12 , Feb 19, Feb 26

Couples and individual sessions will be organised directly between the counsellors and each couple/individual